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Q:  One of the properties we manage has a number of leases coming up for renewal.  We found that the tenants who are renewing were not given the Statement of Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities when they moved in.  Should we give them a copy of the Statement with their renewal? 

A:  Yes, any tenant who has not already received a copy of the Statement of Tenants’ Rights and Responsibilities should be given one, whether or not their lease is being renewed.  It is not necessary to give a tenant a new copy of the Statement at the time of their lease renewal if the tenant already received a copy at a previous time.  In other words, every tenant must receive a copy of the Statement, but landlords are not obligated to provide subsequent copies any time a tenant renews their lease, or the Statement is updated or modified.  If a tenant declines to sign the Statement, the landlord simply needs to note the fact that the tenant has refused to sign. 

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