The market is ever changing, and homes are selling fast, but what are the latest trends designers are noticing in homes this year? Colors that were previously deemed “neutral” are shifting, and pops of other colors are coming back. As many consider the environment, minimalism is a big hit, as well as choosing pieces that are eco-friendly. Learn what your clients may be looking for in a home they are interested in buying and what your future sellers may want to keep in mind.

Plants and Nature
Gone are the traditional neutral colors and grays as earthy tones take over this year. You might see colors like shades of green or brown, much like what you would see in nature. Other colors are also starting to make their way back as people shy away from the neutrals, but nature will still be the main palette from which inspiration will come.

Indoor plants are also a huge part of homes right now. Not only do they match the colors of the current home trends, but they provide a relaxing atmosphere for those looking for livability in their homes. Plants can also improve air quality! As more time has been spent inside, people have almost tried to bring nature in with these plants and other nature-inspired decor items.

Minimalism and Sustainability
Keeping in line with the nature theme, many are focusing their decor on what is actually functional in a space and removing what is not necessary. Pieces that would have normally been in a space or on shelves just for show are no longer thriving. Instead, designers are seeing less items in a home and if anything, only decor that serves a purpose for someone. Those functional objects that people do have are usually recycled or environmentally friendly for when their shelf life has come to an end.

Multifunctional Rooms
In the last two years, functional space in homes has become essential for work and education. Even as some head back to school and the office, many rooms in homes have continued to serve multiple purposes as people use their homes for more. Many have also gotten creative in the way they set up a space with bedrooms doubling as offices or home gyms. People have realized they can get more use out of their home and go to fewer places, which has transformed these home trends and what someone might be looking for.

The environment is at the forefront of home trends this year as people use less, stay home more, and look for greater livability and functionality of their spaces. Whether your client is looking to get their home ready to sell or your buyer is hunting for their next home, keep these trends in mind as you explore the market.