The Virginia REALTORS® Legal Hotline is one of our most used and valuable member benefits. This benefit is available for all members to use – brokers and agents. Here are a few inside tips about the hotline specifically for brokers.

  • You are guaranteed a response within at least four (4) business hours. Our average response time is under two (2) hours, and for brokers particularly, it’s less than that!
  • When an agent submits a request, their broker receives a copy of that exact request. If the broker would like to handle the request, the broker can simply respond to the email and we will honor that request. In fact, a 30-minute delay is put on all agent requests to allow time for the broker to review and respond if they choose to do so.
  • While agents can ask clarifying questions, further or unrelated questions must be submitted through the hotline to ensure the broker knows all questions their agents are asking.
  • If a broker thinks their agents have submitted requests and they have not been copied, call or email us! We can check our membership database to ensure the broker’s agents are listed within their office; therefore, receiving proper notifications.

Remember, all submissions should be made on our website and you must be logged in to do so. We can only provide answers to questions relating to real estate law, regulations, and REALTOR® issues, and we cannot provide specific legal advice. When submitting, be sure to ask the question in its entirety so we can provide the best possible answers.

Lastly, our Legal FAQ Page, which includes the top 25 most common hotline questions and answers, likely contains the answers you are looking for. Check it all out and start taking advantage of your member benefits today!